The People's House Rules for the
Missouri State House of Representatives

At one time, all state representatives had equal opportunity to bring forth bills and represent their constituents.  Over the course of time, the rules have changed.  Power is now concentrated in the establishment politicians that represent special interests and big business.

Many representatives have disappointed their constituents and wasted their careers accomplishing nothing.  It’s time for a restoration of fairness and equal representation for all Missourians. 

People’s House Rules are non-partisan.  They will allow all representatives to be acknowledged and have their bills heard. 

However, a majority of the representatives must approve the People’s House Rules at the start of the legislative session.  It won’t be easy.  Establishment politicians will intimidate and threaten those that buck the system. 

The people of Missouri must support and encourage their representatives that go against the grain for the greater good.  And hold those with no backbone accountable.  There are two ways you can support brave candidates and get rid of the weak.  

1. Contact your candidate. Ask him/her to support People’s House Rules.  Thank and encourage those that pledge support.  They’re taking a bold step for liberty.  (Hint: use the links below to find contact information for your legislator)

2. Remember those that support People’s House Rules, and those that don’t, and vote accordingly on the next election day.  (Don’t forget primaries, arguably more important in some cases)